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Introduction to International Trade (IN 210): Home

About This Guide

This guide accomplishes multiple purposes.

First, it provides quick access to frequently used course resources.

Second, it highlights resources available from the library that may be unfamiliar to students.

Third, it serves as an access point to your embedded librarian, to APA and plagiarism resources, and to authoritative library tools.

Your Embedded Librarian

Lynn Bivens is the embedded librarian for Introduction to International Trade.

The best way to contact Lynn is through email.

Lynn Bivens, Head of Reference and Information Literacy



Quick Access

Click here for quick access to all business related databases.

International Business Online includes primary source documents, such as corporate training videos, instructional films, text book chapters, research reports, and sample business documents.

Europa World provides economic, political, geographic, and cultural background information and statistical data.

Business Insights: Global offers information regarding international business and trade.

U.S. Bilateral Relations Fact Sheets, from the website of the U.S. Department of State, provides current fact sheets about hundreds of countries.

Late Assignments and Make-up Policy

Because our goal in the business department is to train you to be professional, my expectation is that you will turn in your assignments on time.  Make-up presentations, quizzes or exams will not be permitted.

(See page 17 of the syllabus.)