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Cross Cultural Management (IN 303): Course Resources and Documents

Resources and Documents

Quizzes and Tutorials

Video Tutorials

Learn the basics of Keynote on a Mac and some suggestions for your presentations in this 10-minute tutorial

  • Skip to 0:58 for building text elements in and out
  • Skip to 2:08 for guidance on the Build Order tool
  • Skip to 4:53 for charts and graphs
  • Skip to 9:00 for adding your logo to slide masters

Learn the basics of Keynote on iCloud in this 4-minute tutorial

See an example final video which uses Google Earth footage, stock video and voice overs.

Learn the basics of working with video clips in iMovie in this 4-minute tutorial.

Learn how to work with audio, background tracks and voiceovers in iMovie in this 4-minute tutorial.

See a quick demonstration of how Google Earth footage and still photos can be combined using iMovie in this 1-minute demo video.

Contact Ben Coakley at with any questions regarding Keynote, iMovie, or general video and audio editing,