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Brightspace Support: Home

About this guide

This guide accomplishes two purposes.

First, it provides answers to common questions about Brightspace.

Second, it gives basic information about other software such as Turnitin, Virtual Classroom, and LockDown Browser.


Brightspace Support

Contact with questions regarding Brightspace.

Student Support

All Saint Joseph's College students may use Smarthinking, which provides access to tutors, and feedback for written assignments. Find a link to Smarthinking under the Student Resources heading on your Brightspace course homepage. 

Technical Requirements

  • Brightspace Browser Support
  • Brightspace System Check
  • Many courses include files in PDF format. The free version of Adobe Reader is recommended for viewing PDFs.
  • Some online courses (i.e., HA, NU) require students have a webcam.
  • If your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) is loading pages slowly, you may need to clear the cache files on your computer. Visit this site to find out how to do this.

Brightspace Basics

How do I log into my course?

To log into Brightspace, use your SJC login information. This is the same information that you use to access Campus Cafe or your SJC email.

Review these common login questions.

What if I forgot my password?

Did you forget your password? Or, did you get locked out? Get help recovering your password here.

My course is starting in 5 days, why can I only see the syllabus?

On the course start date, you will be able to take the Read & Understood Agreement. After completing the Read & Understood Agreement, the rest of the course content will become available.

I need to take the Monkplacer test but can't log in. What do I do?

If you are not able to log into Brightspace to take the Monkplacer test, please contact the iTeam (


YouTube Tutorials

Where can I find Brightspace tutorials?

For helpful Brightspace YouTube tutorials click here.

Visit this Learner FAQ site for more Brightspace topics.


Course Evaluation

Where is the course evaluation that I have been asked to complete?

In your course, there is a course evaluation widget on the course homepage (below the calendar widget). During the last week of the course, the course widget will include a link that takes you to the course evaluation.

The evaluation must be completed before the course end date. After the end date, the link will not be available.