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Brightspace Support: Quizzes

Quiz Attempt

My quiz score is much lower than it should be? Why is this?
If your quiz included short answer questions, Brightspace is not able to grade those questions automatically. This results is a lower score than might be expected. Your instructor will need to review the short answer questions and adjust the quiz grade.
How do I view a quiz attempt and see the questions I answered incorrectly?
A quiz can be setup to allow for students to view the answers of the quiz. If you are not able to follow these steps, the quiz may not be setup to allow the answers to be viewed. To see the results of a quiz perform the following steps.
First, click the Quizzes link in the navbar. Then, click the small arrow next to the name of a quiz and select Submissions. Then, click the Attempt 1 link to view the quiz questions and answers.
Quiz List- Submissions
Qui Submissions- Attempt