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Brightspace Support: ePortfolio

ePortfolio Resources

To access the ePortfolio, click the ePortfolio link in the navbar.

The self-help resources below cover some of the basics of using ePortfolio as a student. If you need further assistance, please contact the Library. When the Library is closed, ePortfolio help is available from the D2L Customer Support Desk; call 1-877-325-7778.  (D2L is the company responsible for Brightspace.)


This video provides instructions for basic usage of ePortfolio.  It includes uploading and tagging artifacts and adding comments.


When you upload files, you may tag them with keywords or descriptive labels. Tags can organize, describe, and help you locate the artifacts in your ePortfolio. Your program may have already established a set of tags for you to use.


Collections are groups of artifacts. For help creating collections, see Creating New Collections.

You may add artifacts to a collection either individually or by creating a tag list that will automatically populate the collection. For help adding items to a collection with a tag list, see Add Items to a Collection Using a Tag List.


You may share ePortfolio artifacts with professors or classmates at Saint Joseph’s College. For help sharing artifacts, see Sharing Items with Internal Users.


Presentations let you compile ePortfolio artifacts into a web project to showcase your achievements.

ePortolio Presentations Basics (Video)  An introduction to creating a presentation.

ePortfolio Presentations Beyond Basics (Video)  Further customize your presentation’s look and feel.

For more help creating or editing a presentation, see Brightspace ePortfolio Presentations.

You may share a presentation with people who are not affiliated with Saint Joseph’s College. For help sharing presentations, see Sharing Presentations with External Users.


You may export your ePortfolio to an external site in order to access it after you no longer have access to Brightspace. For help see Exporting your ePortfolio to MyD2L (PDF).